SOL Brand Solution

SOL Brand Solutions is a large format exhibition company with a branding edge. Ranked amidst the top exhibition companies in India we have extensive industry experience and can serve you anywhere across the globe. Having offices in India, USA and Europe we at SOL are known for our high quality executions and well planned designs.

SOL Brand Solutions

SOL is the Latin word for Sun. Inspired from the creativity, vibrancy and positivity of the sun our company SOL is all about fresh ideas, impactful executions and making a positive difference.


The beginning of life on earth is marked by sunlight. At SOL, we aim at creating new beginnings that we can nourish and nurture like the sun. We partner with companies to grow each brand and each other.


As the sun is ever-evolving, ever-growing and ever-changing it is also ever-constant; it rises every morning to show a new light. While we keep designing new experiences for brands we understand that the core of the brand should never change.


A single beam of white light splits into an infinite number of colors. At SOL, we look at a single brand challenge in numerous ways to create a solution that is radically different and always new.

The Genesis

Our universe is scattered with spherical objects. This is because each mass in the universe has a gravitational pull of its own and its movement in space adds to this spherical shape. Our logo, much like our Sun, consists of a circular form.

The Form

This form represents the core of our company, our values, which are constant and the momentum of our achievements which keep us ever evolving. The stripes in our logo represent continuous flow and dynamism. They show our craving for learning and moving ahead. The white spaces say that there is a lot more to achieve and leave our mark on.

Our Team

We believe in logic, labor and love, though not necessarily in that order.

Our business invests in brands, in corporates and in ideas. But most of all, our business invests in people. If you believe in the Maxim ‘Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are’ you will enjoy meeting our associates. Our team is a microcosm of how we would like our world.

We are sticklers for merit. We work with some of the brightest minds in the industry. At the same time, we strongly endorse the power of perspiration. On the face of it, we may seem like regular people with regular jobs. But spend a couple of hours with us and you’ll see that we bring along the yin, the yang, the zing and the wows to light up your day.

Drive For Excellence 0

Self Motivated 0

Passion 0

Performance 0

Learning Attitude 0


Method to the Madness

Understanding The Brief

Why? Why not? What goal? What if? How?
How soon? What’s better? What more?


Structural stability, understanding of
open and covered spaces, minor changes,
and recommendations.


Sketch, approach, basic structure, product
displays, graphical communication, final
detailing and rendering.


Flawless, on-time & brand relevant exhibit is
delivered with walk-through of checklist.


Special materials, product display samples,
print samples, logo types and paint codes.


What can we do better? How can we improve?
What can we do more? did you like the most?
What did you like the least?

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